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Hot Take Hump Day: Pride Month Challenge

Happy Hot Take Hump Day! 🌶️

This week's hot take is more of a challenge.

Are you guilty of starting a meeting with "Hey guys"? Same. It may seem trivial, but it's a great example of an unnecessarily gendered greeting in the workplace!

In honor of Pride Month, and as an ally, I challenge everyone to assess how you may or may not be using gender-neutral language.

1️⃣ Challenge: Use "they/them" pronouns as a default, if you're unsure of someone's pronouns.

2️⃣ Challenge: Replace "guys" and "ladies" with inclusive terms like "folks" or "colleagues."

3️⃣ Challenge: Swap gendered titles for neutral ones like "chair" or "chairperson."

4️⃣ Challenge: Start conversations about pronouns and normalize sharing them. LinkedIn has a great feature for sharing your pronouns right after your name!

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