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Hot Take Hump Day - Selling In-Office Work

🌶️ Happy Hot Take Hump Day! 🌶️

Employers: Are you requiring in-office or hybrid work post-pandemic? Have you found this to be a barrier to attracting top talent?

If you answered yes, we need to talk about the "sales pitch," i.e. how we present this opportunity in a positive way to the job seeker, which must accompany the interview process.

YES, I said SALES pitch.

Imagine a job seeker has two identical roles with identical responsibilities and salaries. One allows them to work remotely, and the other requires them to be in the office. What is the sell to the recruit to empower them to choose the in-office role? I'll give you a hint—it's not "it is a non-negotiable company policy."

Try answering these questions:

1. Understand the Why: Take the time to reflect on why a job seeker can't perform the job effectively from home or why the office environment enhances their performance. Articulate this value proposition to your recruiter, equipping them with the right information to attract top talent.

2. Highlight Collaboration and Engagement: Job seekers seek workspaces that foster collaboration, teamwork, and creativity. Emphasize how your work environment encourages these aspects, creating an engaging space where employees can thrive.

3. Prioritize Work-Life Integration: Address the importance of work-life balance for many job seekers. Showcase how your work environment promotes work-life integration by offering flexible working hours or remote work options when possible. Illustrate the support provided to help employees thrive both personally and professionally.

4. Demonstrate Through Actions: A powerful sales pitch goes beyond mere words. Incorporate current employees into the recruitment process, allowing them to share positive experiences and act as advocates for your work environment. Showcase testimonials, success stories, and initiatives that demonstrate your commitment to collaboration, inclusivity, and employee well-being.

I promise, it's not impossible. Believe it or not, we at Arch Advisory Group have filled several roles this year that require 5-days in the office and/or relocation to a different city. Reach out at to learn how!

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