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Hot Take Hump Day: Pay Transparency

Happy Hot Take Hump Day! 🌶️ Let's talk about pay transparency. 🤑

In some places (like NYC), it’s the law. But that only just happened recently, and not everyone is playing by the rules.

This could be a costly mistake.

I’m not talking about fines from the government, I’m talking about losing out on quality candidates.

In general, job seekers are tired of the secrecy around pay and benefits 🥱, and they're demanding transparency from their potential employers.

I know many times throughout my career when I was seeking new employment, I would have rather just gone through a headhunting firm, because at least they would give me a pay range!

As you may know, Transparency is one of AAG's core values.

Transparency breeds trust, and trust is essential in any successful business relationship. When employers are transparent about pay and benefits, they show that they value fairness, equity, and honesty. Candidates are more likely to trust and respect a company that values these principles.

Put the salary in the job description!!

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