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Hot Take Hump Day: Thank You Emails

Happy Hot Take Hump Day!! 🌶️

Candidates, write thank you emails. Especially if you are interviewing for a client facing or sales role.

Even if the thank you email is just "Thank you for your time, I look forward to next steps."

🚫 It doesn't have to be a long love letter.

🚫 It doesn't have to be a super detailed debrief of your discussion.

🚫 You don't have to overthink it.

While it's nice for it to be customized and show you were paying attention during your interview by recalling some key points, a simple "thank you for your time" is more meaningful than nothing at all!

And, I know hiring managers who value them so much, they seriously reconsider your candidacy if you do NOT send a timely thank you email.

What is your opinion on the importance of a thank you email?

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