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Hot Take Hump Day: "Just Like Me" Bias

Happy Hot Take Hump Day! 🌶️

Let's talk about the “just like me” bias.

"Just like me" bias is a cognitive bias in which people have a natural tendency to prefer others who are similar to themselves (they look like me, talk like me, went to the same university as me, etc.) This is a common bias that regularly manifests in a recruitment process.

Basically, we all want to hang out with people who are like us because we're awesome! 👯‍♀️

But, If we only hire people who are “just like us”...

🤔 Where does the innovation come from?

🤔 How do we push our business forward?

🤔 Where is the diversity of thought?

One way to eliminate the “just like me” bias and promote diversity of thought is to create a diverse hiring team, or diverse interview panels. Choose individuals within your company with different backgrounds and experiences who can bring a range of perspectives to the recruitment process. Work with your Employee/Business Resource Groups, DE&I Committee, and HR Departments, who are all ready and willing to help!

I promise, your eyes will be opened in more ways than one, and you’ll ultimately give your candidates a better experience AND your company a better chance at hiring an amazing professional!

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