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Hot Take Hump Day: Diversity Hiring

Happy Hot Take Hump Day! 🌶️

I truly believe that diversity and inclusion is a crucial component of any successful organization. So whyyyyy are we still presenting non-diverse slates to hiring teams?

Here's the hot take.

Recruiters, do better! If you notice that there is a lack of diversity in your slate, find a solution!

Recruiters have the power to influence the makeup of a company's workforce, and with that power comes an OBLIGATION to prioritize diversity and inclusion.

💯 Yes. Even if it requires more effort or creativity.

💯 Yes. Even if it tacks on a few extra weeks to your time to fill metric.

At Arch Advisory Group, we ensure diversity is included in every slate of candidates submitted to our clients. How?

✅ By obtaining a certified Diversity & Inclusion Recruiter (CDR) credential, we use Diversity First Headhunting Tactics to find candidates who represent diversity in all its forms.

💭 Did you know that we can boolean search based on pronouns, diversity-first organizations and resource groups? Ask me how! I will happily share my search strings with you.

🤝 We also ensure "good faith efforts" are included in any headhunting activity regardless of how easy or hard it may be to present a diverse slate.

🎯 We target both 1-for-1 skill and transferable skills and interview with behavioral based questions to eliminate any conscious or unconscious bias.

The bottom line is that you should NEVER hire diversity for diversity's sake, but you SHOULD ensure that whatever recruitment partner you work with (whether that's internal to your organization or an external firm like Arch Advisory Group) is committed to presenting the most qualified (and diverse) slate as is reasonable and possible.

Follow Arch Advisory Group and Kristin Taylor, CDR for more Hot Take Humpdays!

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